lørdag 8. september 2012

Gjestedesigner for denne uka

Da er det lørdag og tid for å få vite litt mer om ukens gjesteartist som er Sara med sin fantastiske fargelegging.

It is saturday and it is time to get to know more about our guestdesigner Sara and her amazing coloring.

Dette er hva hun sier om seg selv.
This is what she share with us:

I´m happy to be a guest here at Copic Marker Norge, thank you for inviting me!

My name is Sara, I´m 35 year old and I live in Finland with my husband.

My interest in card making begun when I wanted to make my own wedding invitations a few year ago and now I´m totaly addicted =)
I´m also addicted to chocolat and copic markers! I´m sure a lot of you are ;)  I have tried to use other mediums for colouring but I´ve always got back to my copics... I think because the learning never ends!

Her kommer ett par av kortene hun har laget, desverre så har vi ikke fått med fargene hun har brukt, men nyt disse fantastiske flotte kortene. En fryd for øyet.

Here are a couple more of her cards,sorry, but we didn`t get a description of what colors she used, but just take time and enjoy these beautiful cards, such an eyecandy. 

Tusen takk Sara for at du ville være vår gjestedesigner, det setter vi stor pris på.

Thank you so much Sara for beeing our guestdedigner, we really appreciate it.

Da ønsker vi dere alle en hyggelig helg.
Wish you all a pleasent weekend.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

These cards were fantastically beautiful, and coloring was absolutely amazing great!!!!
Regards from Anne

Tove sa...

I just love your coloring Sara..it`s quite amazing. It`s little pieces of art you make. Hugs:)